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LDS Musicians Share Testimonies, Love of Music with Youth during Face to Face Event


Yesterday, talented and famous LDS teens met with members around the world as they participated in Face to Face broadcast. 

Whether performing on a popular television show or in a viral Youtube video, many young LDS musicians are making their mark in the music industry and winning fans around the world. Along with their powerful voices are strong testimonies of the Savior, and a desire to share their talents with others.

Youth around the world were able to get to know four of those musicians as they tuned in for a live Face to Face event on Wednesday night. Originating from BYU’s broadcast building in Provo, Utah, youth gathered in a studio—and virtually throughout the world via broadcast—to hear the testimonies and experiences of four artists—Patch Crowe, Nicole Luz, Madilyn Paige, and Lexi Walker.

“I really liked how they were the same age as us,” said Mia Bateman, a 15-year-old from Mapleton, Utah, who attended the event. “They are connected to what we all go through in life, and shared really great things to help us get through things.”

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