LDS Newlyweds to Be Featured in New Reality Show


When Elder George Alexander ate dinner at the home of Halie Wind while serving as an LDS missionary in Mesa, AZ, he probably didn't realize it would make him a reality TV star. Of course, he probably didn't realize a lot of things about that fateful meal, including the fact that his future wife sat across the table. For George, it was just another day as a missionary.

"It was obvious that George was a dedicated, hard-working missionary with a strong testimony," said Halie's father, Robert Wind. 

So when the Wind family took a vacation to Utah a few months later, they decided to invite the recently-released George Alexander to another dinner. After that second fateful meal, George and Halie spent a lot of time talking and getting to know one another. The rest, as they say, is history.

A few brief months later, George and Halie were engaged. Shortly after announcing their union-to-be on social media, they were contacted by a casting agency. The agency was seeking couples who were getting married at an age many people would consider to be "too young," and George and Halie fit that bill perfectly. 

As the agency narrowed down their choices, they conducted extensive interviews with not only George and Halie, but their entire families. "We spent a lot of time as a family fasting and praying if this is something we should be involved in," said Robert. "We felt a very strong impression that this would be an opportunity for the world to be exposed to how members of the LDS faith live their day to day lives, why we believe so strongly in eternal marriage and families, and how living a Christ-centered life is the key to happiness in today’s world.” 

Finally, George and Halie were cast in the upcoming reality show set to premier on FYi, Teenage Newlyweds. They were assured by the casting agency that the show would be very positive, focusing on the hope and happiness created by even the youngest love.

“Sometimes we take for granted the blessings and direction we receive as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints," said Christy Wind, Halie's mother. "My hope is that couples, both young and old, will watch the show and be exposed to some helpful tools and advice to help make their own marriages and families stronger and happier.”

George and Halie were recently married in the Mesa Arizona Temple and currently live in Riverton, Utah. Teenage Newlyweds will contain 8 hour-long episodes and will premiere on FYi on May 31st. For more information on the show, visit here.

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