LDS Peanut Butter Cannery Comes to the Rescue for Recent Flood Victims


In the wake of widespread flooding and loss in the Houston area the local Mormon peanut butter cannery has come to the aid of the Houston Food Bank with an additional shipment. Though the flood waters have receded, the aftermath is still impacting many area families. The Houston Food Bank distributes to locations in eighteen southeast Texas counties, including 600 hunger relief agencies, many in areas hard hit by the recent deluge.

According to Houston Food Bank Chief Operating Officer Stan Eddie, who has been with the non-profit agency for eight years, protein is always in need, with peanut butter being the most requested item.

When church officials heard of the appeal, they reallocated 8 pallets, over 6,000 jars, as a donation for immediate release to The Houston Food Bank, which is in addition to existing commitments. Eddie was present at the cannery to accept the donation. “It is a tremendous opportunity and we cannot thank the Church enough for what you are trying to do. It has been a wonderful relationship and it just goes to show what happens when there is a special need. This group always steps up and we really do appreciate it,” Eddie said.

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