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LDS Rapper Spreads Gospel with Viral Rap Videos


MR says: When most people think of ways to share the gospel, rap is not the first idea that pops into their head. But that's how "James the Mormon" has been sharing his beliefs with the world.

James Curran is not your average Mormon. “James the Mormon,” a 28-year-old entrepreneur and entertainer, is quickly becoming an internet sensation by indirectly sharing the gospel with his unique perspective and viral videos.

His clean “Drake-style” rap videos as well as his comical videos are receiving lots of attention and not only within the Mormon community. With one of his videos receiving 7,000 views in just seven hours, James has a significant social media presence. James told,

My goal is that people will associate me with the Church and it will open a door. ‘That dude is rapping and I like it and he’s Mormon… wait, and he’s black?’

Lead image from YouTube.
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