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Lindsey Stirling Responds to Criticism Over Modesty of Her Billboard Awards Gown


Photo from @lindseystirling.

In response to a storm of criticism, Lindsey Stirling commented on Instagram concerning her choice of dress at the recent Billboard Music Awards (where she won for Top Dance/Electronic album):

I’ve received a lot of hate over the last 2 days and I’m sorry for anyone that I’ve disappointed. The dress I wore to the awards was fully lined with tan fabric. But after looking at the pictures, I see that you actually can’t tell that it’s lined. In hindsight it wasn’t the best choice because modesty is important to me.

However, more importantly it makes me so sad that people are so quick to judge. Especially all the “Christians." I make mistakes, and I am definitely not perfect, but I really am trying my best. I tried on racks of dresses before I found one that actually covered me and I want to thank the designer for making a dress that could make me feel beautiful and still keep me completely covered from head to toe. 

For those who say I’ve changed, I still believe in Christ and although I’m not perfect, I strive to share his love and positivity with those I meet

Several bloggers this week also took to defending Stirling. Arianna Rees of Mormon Buzz pointed out: "When it comes to the people who represent us (our interests, our relationships, or our beliefs), we are all or nothing. The minute they slip up, whether they really do or we just think they do, we abandon them without mercy, as if they were never an imperfect human being to begin with and we can’t stand that they are."

Samantha Shelley of Whatsoever Is Good summed up Stirling's point herself. "Our religion is about following Jesus Christ, which none of us are perfect in."

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