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Lindsey Stirling Shares the Sweetest Pic of Her Baptism Day + What Mormons Believe About Baptism


Lindsey Stirling shared the Throw Back Thursday to end all TBTs yesterday. 

In a Facebook post, Lindsey shared the sweetest picture of her baptism day with her dad. Along with the photo, Lindsey shared with her fans a little of what Mormons believe about baptism. 

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"Baptism is a symbol of renewal, rebirth, cleansing, intention, a pure heart, and a new start," she shared. "I am so grateful for my Savior who sacrificed so much for me. Because of Him, I'm reminded every day that there is reason to feel hope."

After her father was diagnosed with cancer and following the death of one her closest friends, Gavi, Lindsey also shared how the gospel has helped her make it through the difficult times. 

“I did rely on that, reading scripture passages about the afterlife and that the gospel will be taught to those who pass on and we will see them again and there is a wonderful place for them,” Stirling says, according to theDeseret News. “But also to be able to know that there is modern-day revelation about that today and in more detail — it’s been everything to me in those moments, to realize that I would see Gavi again and that he is happy.”

Lead image from Lindsey Stirling's Facebook page
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