Lindsey Stirling Wins "Top Dance/Electronic Album" at Billboard Music Awards, Shares Award Announcement from Bathroom Stall


YouTuber and LDS musician Lindsey Stirling took home the "Top Dance/Electronic Album" award the 2017 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday for her latest album, Brave Enough.

"It's the first time I've ever come to an awards show knowing that I've won, that I'm a winner," Stirling shared in an interview at the music awards. "I mean, we are all winners here, but I actually won. I'm so excited." 

Her fans were just as excited about the win, taking to Twitter with their support of the LDS artist. 

Surprisingly enough, Stirling shared a video of her accepting the award before the awards show, but in the most unusual of locations—a bathroom stall. 

"My friend was in the play Jersey Boys and it was premiering that night," Stirling says in an interview. "It was a little embarrassing, a little awkward saying that out loud in a public bathroom. . . the women around congratulated me after I came out of the stall. They were like, 'Really? Are you joking? Is that true?'"

After a day of awards and glamor galore, Stirling wrapped up with a video of her winding down. 

"Alright guys, it's been a successful day at the BBMAs, now I'm going to be taking out all this hair," she shares in the video. 

Her hair is on point even after the awards 😍 — We Are Stirlingites (@werstirlingites) May 22, 2017

Lead image from Instagram

Blending electronic music with a diverse number of musical genres that include pop, country, rap, alternative and rock, Brave Enough displays Stirling's impressive ability to push her own musical boundaries while continuing to embrace her own unique signature sound.


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