Listen: The Small Miracle That Led This Former Missionary to a Long-Lost Investigator


Sandy beaches and turquoise ocean, skyscrapers and spas. Benidorm, Spain, is the perfect place for a vacation. 

But not necessarily the perfect place for missionaries to find investigators ready for the gospel.

"There were actually no members of the Church in the city," Scott explains in "The Little Things" episode of This Is the Gospel podcast. "Basically, we just spent our entire time walking up and down the streets of this beach town looking not only for people to teach but for people to who just lived there because basically everyone was just on vacation."

For five months, Scott and his companion scoured Benidorm, looking for people who would be interested in the gospel in a city where spirituality wasn't necessarily the top thing on people's minds. But despite their efforts, Scott says he and his companion never really found anyone to teach. 

Until one day Scott and his companion saw something highly unusual: a woman in the street waving them down. 

"We were taken aback," Scott says. "It was hard for us to get anyone to stop, let alone anyone to stop us."

In broken English, this woman explained that she had seen Scott and his companion pass by on the street several times before but was always too busy to stop and talk with them.

After explaining they were missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Scott and his companion were able to schedule an appointment to teach this woman. 

However, their excitement was short lived. Though thoroughly interested in the gospel, this woman was, like most people Scott and his companion had encountered, in Benidorm on vacation. Originally from Venezuela, this woman actually lived in England at the time and would be returning home soon. 

With the time she had left in Benidorm, Scott and his companion taught this woman as many lessons as they could and invited her to church. 

"She was like a sponge," Scott says. "She loved the lessons. She was so full of light. She had great questions and she wanted to know so much about the gospel."

However, within a week and a half of the missionaries meeting her, this woman had to return home. Scott and his companion gave her the number of missionaries in England and said goodbye.

Neither knew what happened to this woman. That was, until five years later.

Listen to Scott's full story below or click here to read what happens next.

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