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Making Christ Your Most Important Appointment of the Day


Look closely at this photo I took this morning.


In the window you’ll see a woman at my dining room table.

She’s not a ghost or a slick trick in Photoshop.

But she just might be an angel.

The woman in the window is my wife, Kodi.

On weekdays, this is what I see when I leave the house between 6 and 6:15 a.m. to drive my son to early morning seminary and start my day.

On weekends, she’s often done long before I lumber downstairs.

You might assume she’s having breakfast.


Catching up on social media?


She’s knee-and-soul-deep in the scriptures.

Reading, marking, rereading, cherishing the words of Christ, and then moving to her journal to capture her spiritual impressions.

Naturally, I know she’s not the only one up before the sun to study the Son.

But she’s the one I see, every single day, demonstrating the power that comes when making Christ your first appointment of the day.

We’ve been married 25 years and some priorities have changed. But as life has grown more hectic with kids, work, Church assignments, and a busy husband, my wife has refused to bump the Savior from His place as her most important appointment.

The blessings that have come from this daily sacrifice are too many and some too sacred to name.

But know this — even with the significant time she spends each day at that table, nothing ever suffers. The Lord always provides every single minute she needs.

So, what’s the lesson?

May we all have the faith and courage to schedule Christ first.

Maybe your circumstances or the season of your life don’t allow for this early morning spiritual ritual.

That’s just fine.

Maybe your time comes later when the kids are on the bus, or when the baby is sleeping, or when the sun is down and you bask in the light of Christ and a table lamp.

Making Christ your most important appointment of the day is less about a spot on your schedule and more about a home in your heart.

To you, this is just a blurry photo. But to me, it’s a life lesson.

I love her faith in God.

I love her dedication.

I love her example.

I love that woman in the window.


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