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Marie Osmond unveils a new Giving Machine in Texas—and her reaction is pure joy

On December 6, the fabulous Marie Osmond helped light the world by introducing the Giving Machine in Fort Worth, Texas. The iconic red vending machines were installed in Sundance Square, and the unveiling event included a Christmas mini-concert with a local interfaith choir joining Osmond in heralding the holidays through music.

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Following the performance, Osmond lit up the Sundance Square Christmas tree, an 80-foot-tall Norway spruce—the tallest live Christmas tree in Texas—and then went to try out the Giving Machines. Photographer Jay Hinton managed to capture Marie Osmond’s utter delight at her inaugural donation at the Light the World Giving Machines in Fort Worth, Texas.

Marie Osmond tries the Giving Machines for the first time.
Marie Osmond tries the Giving Machines for the first time.
Photo courtesy of Jay Hinton

“I just love the holidays and these Giving Machines to me, they’re just such a fun way to teach our children and ourselves,” Osmond said. “You know that the spirit of giving is what the holidays are all about and 100% of your donation goes to the cause that you're giving to, which is fantastic.”

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Read more about this event on and read more about Osmond’s excitement about the Giving Machines on her Instagram account below.

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