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Baby photo links Latter-day Saint couple since birth

Kelsey and Tyler West outside of the Bountiful Utah Temple.
Image by Abbe White Photography

Kelsey and Tyler West were linked together long before being sealed in the Bountiful Utah Temple on May 25, 2023.

According to People Magazine, Utah couple Kelsey and Tyler West met while they were students at Weber State University in August 2021. Their meet-cute? Kelsey was working inside a grocery store as a bank teller when Tyler West stopped to deposit a check—Tyler soon doubled back to ask for Kelsey’s number. Kelsey told People, “He’s just the sweetest guy ever.”

The couple got engaged in February 2023, and Tyler shared with People, “I was excited to have my best friend around at all times.”

Kelsey and Tyler quickly began planning their big day. While gathering photos for a slideshow to share at their wedding, Kelsey pulled out her baby album. They were flipping through the photos when Tyler recognized a familiar face in one of the photographs: his mother, a registered nurse at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, Utah, holding new-born Kelsey Poll after helping with her delivery. “Tyler and I were very shocked and surprised,,” Kelsey West told People. “It was meant to be.”

Kelsey’s mom, Stacy Poll, had always thought that her daughter’s future mother-in-law looked familiar, but she couldn’t figure out why until the photo was discovered. Stacy shared with People that she had felt very stressed during labor with Kelsey. Stacy had learned she was pregnant when her previous child was only nine months old, and she was worried about having three children under three while working full-time. But Tyler’s mother, Mary Ann, had also recently had her third child (Tyler) and was able to comfort and reassure Stacy.

“She calmed my soul,” Stacy says.

It was a joyous realization for both families. Kelsey and Tyler West were married and sealed in the Bountiful Utah Temple on May 25, 2023, solidifying the ties between the two families forever.

Read the full article from People Magazine here. Information supplemented by NPR.

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