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Members Can Now View Temple Schedules, Directions & Make Goals with Incredible New App


With 151 operating temples and 30 more under construction or announced, there are more temples for us to visit than ever before.

But, if you're traveling, how do you know if there is a temple open in your area? How do you keep up with temple closures and schedules for the temple near your home?

A new app, developed by BYU student Mitchell Clements, provides easy access to the current schedules, directions, and background information about every temple around the world.

Whether you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, or Johannesburg, South Africa, members all over the world will have easier access to temple information, dedicatory prayers, schedules, and directions on their smartphones.

The "LDS Temples" app, which is completely free and without advertisements, also allows you to record your personal temple attendance. You can set personal goals, record your thoughts after you've attended the temple, find temples on a world map, or view which temples you have visited in the past.

Mitchell Clements, who currently studies computer science at BYU, initially created the app for his personal use. "I've always wanted an LDS Temple app that would allow me to keep track of my personal attendance and give me instant access to additional temple information including history and dedication prayers."

Although the app took more than 100 hours to create, Clements wants the app to be easily available and accessible to members around the world.

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"The Mormon faith is a global faith, so it's especially important to me that members worldwide are aware of this app," Clements said. "It can help them locate nearby temples, both dedicated and in construction."

According to Clements, after only four days in the Google Play Store, members from Canada to Singapore and Bolivia to Switzerland installed the app. "Every download, rating, and review helps make the app more discoverable for members around the world," Clements said.

Although the app is only available for Android for now, Clements hopes to make an iOS version in the future. His ultimate aim is to share the app with as many members of the Church as he can.

"I see it as a way of sharing my testimony with the world," Clements said. "The Lord provides us with different talents and abilities, and it’s our responsibility to use them to share the gospel. No matter what you are—an artist, accountant, athlete, musician, programmer, etc.—you can find ways to use your talents and skills to share the gospel."

Download the free Android "LDS Temples" app from the Google Play Store.

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