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Mitt Romney Posts About Ordaining His Grandson to Priesthood, Sparks Unique Missionary Opportunity


Mitt Romney has never shied away from sharing his faith on social media. After the passing of a close friend, Senator Bob Bennett, Mitt Romney wrote on Facebook, "What I will remember most about Senator Bennett is his unwavering commitment to principle; his is an example of integrity and character that will long live in the memories of all of us who knew him. God be with you, Bob, till we meet again at Jesus' feet."

Even while discussing politics, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a way of tying in eternal truths to help us see God's hand in our lives.

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On Sunday, December 11, Mitt Romney shared a post about the special honor it is ordaining a grandson as a Deacon in the Aaronic Priesthood.

This simple little post started a string of missionary discussions on Twitter. After someone posted, "What is your Church? I'm curious," several replies came through explaining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The same questioner followed up, asking if Mormons were a "Christian spinoff." That's when this simple but perfect reply came back: "No, It is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. U can ✅ here lds.org."

When other commenters posted incorrect information about Joseph Smith or negative comments, several replies corrected the information and directed others to lds.org, without carrying on the negativity. It seems like Church members have taken Elder Oaks' challenge to heart: “Today, I say that if the Church or its doctrines are attacked in blogs and other social media, contentious responses are not helpful. They disappoint our friends and provoke our adversaries . . . We should also remember not to be part of the current meanness. We should communicate about our differences with a minimum of offense.”

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