Mormon Couple Creates Film Series Showing the Untold Side of the Adam and Eve Story


Adam and Eve's experience wasn't all paradise. There were a lot of bumps, awkward moments, tears, and even laughs along the way. A new film series from an LDS couple dives deeper into these moments, showing how love and living are often imperfect, even for Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve Trailer (Official) from Adam & Eve Series on Vimeo.

It's the oldest story in the book: boy meets girl. It's too bad that she's just not that into him, because this couple is inspired by the oldest story in the Good Book: Adam and Eve.

In The Bible, the third chapter of Genesis ends with Adam and Eve's banishment from Eden, and the fourth chapter begins with the conception and birth of their first child. "Adam & Eve," a new Utah independent film series, explores everything in between.

Picking up just a half-hour after leaving paradise, the series follows the couple's budding, awkward courtship as they learn to negotiate new imperfections in their world and each other. They also have to look for God after losing his more direct presence in Eden.

Lead image from Salt Lake Tribune.
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