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Mormons Share Their Best Advice to Future Missionaries


Getting ready to serve a mission? We asked our Facebook readers what words of advice they had for future missionaries, and we got some great responses from former missionaries, converts, and even current investigators. Here are just a few of the great comments we received:

Note: The following responses have been edited for length and clarity.

The Gospel Is for Everyone

"Give smokers and drinkers more than just a passing glance. I was drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette when I first met my member neighbor. The first time the missionaries came to my house there were empty alcohol bottles all over the place. Fast forward to a little over 3 years later. . . . I’ve been baptized, my husband was baptized, most of my children have been baptized, I’ve been sealed to my husband and 3 of our children. God is good! Sometimes people just need a reason or knowledge they didn’t have before to change." —Meagan
"When you meet someone and they share with you that they are a Christian, embrace it! Celebrate it! Acknowledge their spirituality. I am currently in the investigation phase of converting to the LDS church. It wasn't through a missionary; rather, it was through a neighbor/friend. I will never forget the moment when she acknowledged Christ in me. . . . My advice to missionaries is that when someone says they are Christian, ask them what is He doing for them lately? Ask them how they became a Christian. Just ask them about their faith as a way of acknowledging it. Celebrate it. Say Amen!! Isn't Christ amazing!" —Acacia

Prepare to Work

"It's also like a job! You wake up every morning, you eat and shower and study, and then you get to work at a set apart time until you retire to home. It's a daily grind. But it's the best grind in the world." —Brandon
"Missionary work is just There will be days when you won't feel the spirit burning in your bosom, that doesn't necessarily mean you're doing it wrong. Just keep going. And when it gets hard, that's when character is built." —Cory
"The best advice I ever heard was from my son to his sister when she decided she wanted to serve a mission. He said, 'Start now to develop ‘mission appropriate’ stress relievers.'We all have things we like to do when we are stressed like listen to movies, watch movies, read books for hours, eat, or anything else, but some of those things aren’t things that are appropriate to do during a mission. It’s sometimes very stressful on missions and having something that really helps you relieve stress that is within the guidelines of appropriate activity is really important." — Julie

Be Yourself

"You don't have to be a perfect missionary--you just have to be you. That's who God called, and. He's satisfied if you give all of you...whatever that is!" —Braeden
"My Stake President gave me this advice before I left: 'There is nothing magical about becoming a missionary. You will be the same kind of person tomorrow when you leave as you were yesterday. Do your best, don't let your struggles stop you for long, and you will realize only near the end of your mission how good you really were and are." —Daniel
"Go for yourself. Don't go for your parents, don't go for a boyfriend or girlfriend, don't go for your bishop. Only go because you truly believe and you want to go." —Jared

Learn as Much as You Can Now

"Read lots NOW. You'll be desperate for good reliable information about scripture, history, and doctrine on your mission, and you'll be limited to the missionary library." —Ben
"Learn something about the dominant religion of where you are headed and try to find some common bonds." —Eric
"Prepare by reading the Book of Mormon. Read conference talks. Learn how to do laundry so you don't have pink clothes." --Elisa
"Read the Gospel Topics Essays." —Darla
"Do everything you can to prepare now to be spiritually ready to serve. There are a lot of things that can be included, but do the basics: read your scriptures every day and get used to really studying them, pray with real intent and ask for God's help in preparing, serve others and especially in church callings, love your family members and enjoy their company!" —Carlie
"Learn to cook." —EdithAnn

Love and Be Obedient 

"Let go of pride and BE HUMBLE. Allow yourself to be taught by others, even if you feel confident or knowledgeable enough. Love your companion by serving them without the expectation of anything in return." —Shae
"Love the people you serve. Love them no matter their circumstances, where they live, or how they live, love them." —Yvonne
"Give your heart and mind to the Lord as you serve. Become the Lord's servant. You do that as you strive with your heart to be obedient to the Lord and the mission rules. My favorite quote that our mission president gave to us (this is from President Benson) is: 'When obedience ceases to be an irritant and become our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.'" —Zach

Remember: You Are Making a Difference

"Being a convert and taking missionary lessons for a year, I would say know that you are making a difference! You may not see it but you are. All 10 of my missionaries added to my conversion. I wish they all could have been there when I was baptized." —Holly

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