Mutual App Releases Report on Latter-day Saint Dating. The Results May Not Be What You Expect.


 It's no secret Latter-day Saints take finding an eternal companion very seriously, most of the time. 

Mutual, a dating app for Latter-day Saints, has found some interesting dating habits among Latter-day Saints. 

And while, yes, finding an "E.C." is usually why single Latter-day Saints use the app, the way they find their dates are a little different than the traditional "what color is your toothbrush?" icebreakers. 

Here are just a few of these interesting dating habits Mutual found in its "The World Report on LDS Dating 2018":

Most Discussed Topics

When you're using a dating app for Latter-day Saints, you might not think the most common topics would be "Crossfit," "Vegan," or "Vegetarian," but they are. According to Mutual's report, "Crossfit" was mentioned 4,458 times, "Vegan" 2,028 times, and "Vegetarian" 574 times. These topics were followed by "Trump" 368 times, "Meat" 273 times, and "Eagle Scout" 189 times.

Lesson learned? If you use Mutual, try to bring up Crossfit, Vegan, and Vegetarian and see what happens. 

Harry Potter Mentions

It probably shouldn't be surprising that a dating app for Latter-day Saints mentions Harry Potter not only frequently, but literally hundreds of times. After all, we kind of have an obsession with the series. But what's surprising is the house most Latter-day Saint singles assign themselves.

Hufflepuff, arguably the least popular of the Harry Potter houses, has the most mentions on Mutual, with a staggering 807 Latter-day Saints assigning themselves to a house the series hero Hagrid described as "a lot o’ duffers." Duffers meaning "an incompetent, ineffectual, or clumsy person," according to the Meriam-Webster dictionary. 

Despite this, Hufflepuff takes the lead as the Latter-day Saint Harry Potter mention of choice, followed by Ravenclaw with 504 mentions, Slytherin 339, and, in dead last, Gryffindor with 279. 

Lesson learned? Most single Latter-day Saint Mutual users would probably prefer to be sorted into Hufflepuff if their childhood dream world of Harry Potter suddenly came true. 

The Busiest Time and Busiest Day for Mutual Users

What is the busiest time for Latter-day Saints to be swiping up or down through potential dates? If you guessed Monday from 7–8 p.m., you would be wrong. While Family Home Evening night might seem like the busiest time for Latter-day Saints to look for a date, it's actually Sunday from 8–9 p.m. Yep, Sunday. I wonder why?

And the busiest day for Mutual users? If you guessed Friday, you would be totally right. Friday night date night is the most popular time for people to hop on Mutual and swipe up or down. 

Want to know more interesting dating habits of Latter-day Saints on Mutual? Check it out on "The World Report on LDS Dating 2018."

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