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Need a Kid-Friendly Explanation of the Book of Mormon? Look No Further


Are your kids lost during family scripture study? Do you want to add a little extra oomph to your now-at-home Primary lessons? Help is on the way!

“Picture Books for Children” produces and releases Book of Mormon YouTube videos read by a kid, for kids.

The four-minute-or-less videos feature original illustrated drawings and a new chapter of the Book of Mormon every day, with plans for every chapter of the Book of Mormon to eventually be made into a video!

And if your kids need a refresh on what happened during 1and 2 Nephi, videos for those books are already up and ready for viewing.

Each video tells the chapter’s story and explains the significance of the chapter in a way that kids can apply to their own lives. The first video, “Lehi Becomes a Prophet,” covers 1 Nephi chapter1 and teaches the importance of prophets.

Watch “Picture Books for Children” videos here. Kids can also read along with a physical copy of the Book of Mormon stories available here.

Lead image a screenshot of "Picture Books for Children" YouTube channel
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