Need a smile? Watch Latter-day Saint NFL player share how much he loves his family in Philadelphia Eagles video

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After studying game film and working to master the craft of returning punts for the Philadelphia Eagles, Britain Covey can’t wait to go home to his family.

In a recent “Eagles Unscripted” video, produced by the Philadelphia Eagles, the former University of Utah star and Latter-day Saint returned missionary was captured on film pretending to field a punt in his apartment while holding his giggling baby son as his wife, Leah Covey, watched from the couch.

In the video, Covey said his wife “is just the best person I’ve ever known. She is so supportive, but also she’s just intelligent. She’s kind. She’s capable. I just think the world of her, and hopefully, I get some brownie points for saying that, but I really do.”

“And then little Nelson, he’s about seven months old, and man, I just have to say sorry to my parents for anything I have ever criticized you for because I already feel like I don’t know what I am doing. But Nelson is so fun, he’s adorable. I just love that kid. Going home to him every day is the greatest thing.”

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