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‘What’s more exciting: the Super Bowl or becoming a father?’ Latter-day Saint Britain Covey answers

The Philadelphia Eagles may be gearing up for this weekend’s Super Bowl championship against the Kansas City Chiefs, but for former University of Utah star, Eagles rookie, and Latter-day Saint Britain Covey, the game will not be the most important event in his life this year. Why? Because his wife, Leah, is due to give birth to their first child in March.

When asked what is more exciting, playing in the Super Bowl or becoming a dad, Covey wasted no time with his answer.

“Being a dad, without a doubt. Not even close,” he said. “The Super Bowl is once in a lifetime, of course, … but being a dad is different.”

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The Coveys, who have been married for three years, shared their big news back in September 2022, saying their family has lots of big things happening this year, but the announcement of their first child is their favorite part.

“I’m ecstatic!” Covey told Deseret News. “I’ve always been afraid of newborns, if I am being honest, so I’m going to have to learn how to get over that. They’re so fragile and so small. I’m going to take everything I have learned in ball security drills and apply it to when I am holding my newborn.”

You can watch the full video interview in the player below and read more about Covey’s journey to the Super Bowl on Deseret News.

Covey and the Eagles will be facing the coaching skills of two other Latter-day Saints: Kansas City Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid and offensive quality control coach Porter Ellett.

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You can hear more from Covey about his faith and representing the Church from his interview on the All In podcast below.

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