Nephites, Lamanites, and Other "Ites": How Many Do You Know?


Did you know that the people of Zarahemla were also known as the Mulekites? Or that there was a difference between the Lemuelites and the Lamanites? There are so many things we didn't know about the "ites" of the Book of Mormon that we just had to check out the book ites: An Illustrated Guide. Containing all sorts of fascinating details about our favorite prophets, disciples, and bad guys, we thought it would be fun to test our knowedge—and yours. See how many questions you can get right in our Book of Mormon "ites" quiz!

Bonus: If you love the Book of Mormon ites, check out Bible ites: An Illustrated Guide.

For more on the "ites" of the Book of Mormon, check out ites: An Illustrated Guide.

For more on the "ites" of the Bible, check out the cool new Bible ites: An Illustrated Guide.


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