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New features available on the Church’s Book of Mormon app

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For 192 years, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have shared their testimony of the divinity of Jesus Christ by handing out hundreds of millions of physical copies of the Book of Mormon.

Now, thanks to the upgraded Book of Mormon app, this sacred volume is easier to share and understand.

The initial versions of the app (launched in 2012) simply replicated the book’s text and contained basic search and scripture-marking tools. Over time the app was made available in over 100 languages but still did not offer significant advantages over the printed edition. Now the Book of Mormon app has a “Discover” tab with additional content and tools, a “Watch” tab with the full library of available “Book of Mormon Videos” and a “Share” tab with a quick response code that makes the app easily available to smartphone users in any of the 100-plus supported languages. (Download the app.)

“From the time of its first printing over 192 years ago, the commission from the Lord has been to flood the earth with the Book of Mormon,” said Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi of the Seventy. “In the digital age, the Book of Mormon app helps us fulfill this divine mandate. This app is miraculous. It allows us to be better instruments in sharing God’s word with His people, wherever they are, in whatever language they speak.”

You can watch a short Facebook video about the new Book of Mormon app updates in the player below and read more about the new features on Church Newsroom.

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