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New Journaling Workbooks to Help You Teach “Come, Follow Me” at Home


Gospel Day by Day is a new online community dedicated to the “how” of creating meaningful teaching moments in our homes, no matter our circumstances.

The Come, Follow Me program has been inspirational as we’ve tried to connect with President Russell M. Nelson’s words that “the new home-centered, Church-supported integrated curriculum has the potential to unleash the power of families.” We have been uplifted through our initial efforts, but at times we have also found ourselves discouraged  while trying to figure out what home-centered gospel learning looks like and establishing regular study patterns in our homes. To help with this issue, Gospel Day by Day created companion journaling workbooks to the weekly Come, Follow Me reading schedule for adults, youth and children.

The adult journaling workbook is a personal study and family planning tool. Each week you’ll find scripture passages to interpret in your own words, inspired questions to answer or use as family discussion, and four conference talks for additional reference to the week’s study topic.

The other weekly feature pages are thoughtfully designed to help you with the following:

  • Ponder on and record revelation about your family needs
  • Create a teaching plan
  • Choose and record a family scripture or phrase of the week
  • Evaluate family learning
  • Check-in and journal what worked and what didn’t in family study

At the end of the year, the journal will be an enduring record of your individual and family gospel learning.
The youth study journal features scripture verses each week for youth to read and then write in their own words; inspired questions to help youth think through principles and see themselves in the scriptures; and space to write questions and plan goals, supporting the new Children and Youth program.

The study journal for children has a coloring page and chart to check off weekly reading; scripture verses to read and then write in their own words; story-telling space to help children understand and relate the scriptures to their lives; and a page to write down questions, set goals, and plan service.

Gospel learning can be a joy when we embrace the perfectly imperfect in ourselves and our families. Join the Gospel Day by Day community on Instagram and take a look at the websitefor simple ideas and inspiration on how to be consistent, not perfect, at teaching the gospel in your home.

You can find the journaling workbooks at Deseret Book online and in stores.

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