All 7 episodes of LDS Living’s “Joseph” podcast are now available

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All seven episodes of “Joseph: A guided journey to coming to know the prophet” is available now exclusively on Deseret Bookshelf PLUS

Do you know the Prophet Joseph Smith? It seems a bit absurd, doesn’t it, to say you know a man who lived 200 years ago. But maybe it’s not as impossible as it sounds. Joseph, a Deseret Bookshelf Plus original podcast, illustrates how despite time, distance, and historical context, millions have come to know the Prophet.

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This all-new Bookshelf PLUS exclusive podcast brought to you by LDS Living features seven episodes and is available exclusively on Deseret Bookshelf Plus. Each episode features host Heidi Swinton and her friends discussing how they came to know Joseph Smith as a friend. You can read more about each episode and find descriptions at ldsliving.com/joseph. Listen to a preview of Episode 1: Start Your Engines below:

Start Your Engines!
Every great road trip has a destination, whether known or unknown. For us, the destination is Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. But how we get there, and what we learn along the way, is different for everyone. In this episode, host Heidi Swinton and her friends share what caused them to "start their engines," so to speak, to begin to learn more about the Prophet Joseph Smith.
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So if you feel like you know Joseph already, this podcast is for you. If you feel hesitant to know Joseph, then this podcast is definitely for you. Because Joseph will show that while everyone comes to know Joseph Smith in different ways, the most important thing is how they’ve come closer to Christ through the Prophet of the Restoration.

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