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New Poll Reveals How Mormons Feel About Scouting After Church's Decision to Stay Involved in Program


MR says: There has been a lot of debate within the Church about its involvement in the Boy Scouts of America this summer. Find out how most Mormons feel about the program following the First Presidency's decision to stick with the program.

Now that LDS Church leadership has decided to stay in the Boy Scouts of America, a majority of Utahns who say they are “very active” Mormons have done an about face and now want their church to stay in the scouting program, a new UtahPolicy poll shows.

Earlier this summer, after the national BSA board voted to allow gay men to be troop leaders, Dan Jones & Associates found that 63 percent of active Utah Mormons wanted to leave the scouting program. . . .

Now in a new survey Jones finds that “very active” Mormons say – following their leaders’ decision – their church should stay in the scouting program – 81 percent in favor, 17 percent opposed, 2 percent don’t know. . . .

In the new Jones poll we asked those who wanted out of scouting why they felt that way – and gave some of the common complaints we’ve heard about the LDS scouting program.

We found among “very active” Mormons who wanted out of the program these results:

Lead image from Utah Policy.
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