New Sock Designs Feature LDS Temples


When one of our kids asked for a pair of Seattle athletic socks for Christmas, we got to thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if our kids got as excited about sharing their faith as they get about wearing the Space Needle? Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could buy our kids a pair with an LDS temple? What if? And True Crew Socks was born.

True Crew “Temple Socks” feature the brightly hued silhouette of an LDS Temple. We have combined the popularity of brightly colored athletic socks with the desire Latter-day Saints have of sharing their beliefs. True Crew Socks radiate color and testimony in every pair, the easiest and most fashionable way to wear and share the LDS faith. 

True Crew Socks first made an appearance at a booth in the shadow of the Manti Temple at the Mormon Miracle Pageant. The fan base quickly grew as athletes bought temple socks in their school colors, missionary moms (and girlfriends) sent temple socks in care packages, and word spread through social media. True Crew Socks are showing up at ward activities and stake BBQs, youth temple trips, family vacations, EFY, church basketball and even inside a wedding gift or two.

At True Crew Socks, we believe our covenants and relationships should be the motivation behind everything we do as Latter-day Saints. We’re pretty sure Elder Bruce R. McConkie wasn’t talking about temple socks when he said, “We expect to see the day when temples will dot the earth,” but we are pleased to know we are helping out a bit. (Mormon Doctrine, page 781)

Current temple styles include Los Angeles, Manti, Mesa, Salt Lake, San Diego, Seattle, Provo, Rexburg and Washington DC with more styles scheduled for release later this year.  True Crew Socks are made in the USA, carefully constructed with a compression zone in the arch and a mesh top to wick moisture. The high quality design acts to keep the foot dry, minimizing the risk of hot spots and blisters. One size fits most, men’s shoe size 7-11. Custom sock designs are available with a purchase of 50 socks or more. Order online at

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