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October LDS Living Book Club: Finding divine patterns in seeking heaven’s blessings

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For the month of October, the LDS Living Book Club will be reading Divine Patterns by Roger Connors.

We all desire to obtain the marvelous blessings promised by a loving God to His faithful children. In that quest, it is essential to understand what has been taught in the scriptures and by Church leaders about God’s patterns and promises regarding the blessings of heaven.

What of those who feel the promised blessings are out of reach; that God has somehow let them down? Or those who feel that life is not unfolding in the way they had hoped or thought they had been promised; that God's plan for them is not working? What are they to understand about what God has yet in store for them? In Divine Patterns, best-selling author Roger Connors seeks to reinforce, restore, and revitalize our faith in God’s promises by helping us better understand the gospel principles underpinning our efforts to seek His blessings.

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What This Month Holds

  • An easy-to-follow reading schedule shared on Instagram
  • Excerpts from the book shared on
  • Poignant quotes and discussion of the topics addressed in the book

About LDS Living Book Club

Each month we choose a new book to read together. Joining is easy! Simply follow @ldslivingbookclub on Instagram for reading reminders and insights.

About the Book

Divine Patterns

As we increase our understanding of God's divine patterns, we will better know what we can do to enjoy every blessing our Father in Heaven has waiting for us. We will also be strengthened with patience and hope as we look forward to the day that seemingly withheld blessings are eventually granted, trusting that the Lord can and will fulfill all of His promises.

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About the Author

Roger Connors

Roger Connors is a four-time New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author. He is the cofounder and former chairman of Zero to Ten, a coaching and leadership training company, as well as the cofounder and former CEO of Partners In Leadership (PIL), which has trained millions of people in over 50 countries.

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