Oprah & 11 More Celebs Wear Modest Fashion at Oscars (Photos)


Have you tried shopping for a cute, modest outfit recently? If you have, I offer my condolences--the last time I went out looking for something new to wear, I went home empty-handed and unhappy. Since when were crop tops (shirts that show the midriff) and sheer shirts a thing? Apparently not even shopping in winter will help you find something to cover up with. 

This is why I looked forward to last night's Academy Awards; not because I actually watched the show, but because Monday morning is a great time to see what direction fashion is headed in. The answer? Not great for modest Mormon girls. (But you probably didn't expect it to be.) 

Still, we at LDS Living did spy a few gowns that give us hope for a few more modest offerings the next time we hit the mall. Some might still need a shrug or a cami, but that's an easy and small addition we're happy to make when it comes to our wardrobes.

Head on over to our Pinterest page to see modest dresses from last night's show that we hope will inspire future fashion trends.

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