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Original covers of hymns will be included in ‘Come, Follow Me.’ Here’s how to listen or submit yours

Each month, “Come, Follow Me” will feature original covers of hymns and children’s songs submitted by Latter-day Saint musicians in the Church.
Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Musicians in the Church are invited to submit original covers to be featured monthly in “Come, Follow Me.” Submissions for February through April are being accepted until February 11.

Submission Requirements

“Come, Follow Me” music submissions are intended to elevate the study of the “Come, Follow Me” scripture block. Covers should preserve the composers’ original message while providing a refreshed opportunity to learn and connect to the sacred music of the Church. The arrangements should reflect creative and authentic interpretations of the music while meeting the following criteria:

  • Keep original lyrics intact.
  • Keep melody intact with minimal stylistic variation.
  • Keep rhythm of the original recognizable.

Apply here and read more about the submission criteria on Church Newsroom.

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