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Persistent Visiting Teacher Comes 'to the Rescue' Through Visits

Melissa Campagnoni and her visiting teacher, Lorraine Barlow, are the closest of friends, but this was not always so. Building this relationship required time and sacrifice on the part of both and commitment and caring from a dedicated visiting teacher. Sister Barlow had known Sister Campagnoni for many years. During much of that time, Sister Campagnoni regularly attended church, and her two oldest children were baptized. Then she moved from the ward. Several years later the Barlow family relocated and they were again in the same ward. By this time Sister Campagnoni had become less active. Visiting teachers were assigned, but they were getting no response, and Sister Barlow was then asked to be her visiting teacher. Believing that her calling was to be a friend, Sister Barlow determined that she would help Sister Campagnoni know that she was not forgotten and that she was loved by her Heavenly Father. She would minister to Sister Campagnoni and to her family.