Latter-day Saint Life

Planning to Succeed

I’m a bit of an obsessive list maker. I’m not particularly obsessive about actually using lists, but I love making them. I have running lists of places I want to visit, movies I want to see, books to read, restaurants to try, home improvement projects to tackle, topics I would like to learn more about, etc. I also have about half a dozen Post-it notes stuck around my computer screen at work with assignments needing to be completed and ideas for streamlining and improving implementation of other projects. And of course I have the obligatory list outlining my resolutions for the year.

If I actually accomplished even a quarter of what I set out to do, I’d be an unstoppable force. But like most people my lists and resolutions go largely ignored, unread, and not accomplished. At some point I realized that simply putting my desires and wishes onto paper or in a Google Drive doc wasn’t enough to ensure things got done.

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