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Preach My Gospel FHE: Lesson 2

Chapter 5: The Keystone of our Religion

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Challenge: As a family or individually, find one person or a family to give a Book of Mormon to before the end of the year. Highlight verses that have special meaning to you or that might help the person feel the Spirit.

Song: “I Want to Be a Missionary Now” (CS, no 168), “An Angel from on High” (Hymns, no 13) 

Lesson: Read the last four paragraphs of the Introduction to the Book of Mormon. Have family members fill in the blank: 

When I know the Book of Mormon is true, I also know that __________. 

(For example: “When I know the Book of Mormon is true, I also know that Joseph Smith was a prophet.) 

Talk about how the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion. What does this mean and why does that make the Book of Mormon important to use in missionary work? A keystone is what holds an arch together. In the gospel, the Book of Mormon leads to knowledge about many other things. So when you have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and try to help others gain a testimony of it, it will lead you to greater faith and knowledge of other aspects of the gospel. 

Split up the following statements from Preach My Gospel. Have family members find a scripture to go with each statement and take turns talking about how they apply to missionary work.

- “The Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion” (pg 104).

- “A central purpose of the Book of Mormon is to convince all people that Jesus is the Christ” (pg 105).

- “It testifies of Christ by affirming the reality of His life, mission, and power (pg. 105).

- It teaches true doctrine concerning the Atonement—the foundation for the plan of salvation (pg 105).

- Those who know little or nothing about the Savior will come to know Him by reading, pondering, and praying about the Book of Mormon (pg 105).

- The testimony of the Book of Mormon confirms the testimony of the Bible that Jesus is the Only Begotten Son of God and the Savior of the world (pg 105).

- The Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul (pg 107).

- The Book of Mormon draws people nearer to God (pg 108).

Activity: Role Play

Split up into pairs or groups and take turns having one person ask a question and the other one answer it using a scripture.

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