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Pres. Nelson addresses 48 countries: ‘Europe has an unparalleled future because of you!’

On Sunday, January 23, Latter-day Saints in 48 countries across Europe had the opportunity to watch a special devotional broadcast from President Russell M. Nelson. The prophet reiterated a message that has become a common theme of his ministry: the importance of Latter-day Saints working to gather Israel.

“Pray and watch for opportunities to share the joy that you have in the gospel,” President Nelson said, according to Newsroom. “You may be surprised how the Lord will answer your prayers. … You are perfectly positioned to find the children of Israel who are living in or are coming to Europe.”

President Nelson also emphasized his “complete faith” in the members in Europe and the “unparalleled future” of Europe because of the destiny of the Saints there.

Sister Wendy Nelson, Elder David A. Bednar, and Sister Susan Bednar also spoke during the broadcast.

Sister Nelson hinted at the growing secularism in the world and invited members to put an exclamation mark after every statement from a prophet and a question mark after anything else they read for 30 days.

“What would happen to your level of peace, clarity of thinking, joy, experience of love and spiritual prosperity if ... you started to question everything the world’s media—and all other sources—offer you, and instead prayerfully studied, fully embraced, and lived by every prophetic teaching you could find? What would happen in only 30 days if you chose to follow the prophets with exactness?”

Elder Bednar shared an analogy: a Wi-Fi booster’s ability can be likened to our willingness to receive, remember, and honor our covenants. Just as an internet connection can be strengthened, keeping personal and eternal covenants can enhance God’s power in our lives.

“In a world of increasing confusion, disorder, and commotion, covenants and ordinances are essential to help us to maintain a proper focus on the Savior and His doctrine—regardless of our challenges and circumstances,” he said.

You can watch a summary of the devotional in the player above or read more about each speaker’s remarks on Newsroom.

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