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President Oaks announces new format for future Saturday evening sessions of general conference


As the first speaker of the Saturday evening women’s session of general conference, President Dallin H. Oaks called it a “unique” meeting and gave a special introductory message from the First Presidency.

In his address, President Oaks said, “For now, this Saturday evening meeting is a session of general conference, not a session of any organization. Like all sessions of general conference, the planning, speakers, and music are designated by the First Presidency. We have asked President Jean B. Bingham, president of the Relief Society, to conduct this session. Future Saturday evening sessions may be conducted by one of the other General Officers of the Church, such as members of the presidencies of Relief Society, Young Women, and Primary, designated by the First Presidency.”

He also said that this session—the Saturday evening session of the April 2022 general conference specifically—would focus on the concerns of Latter-day Saint women, including Church doctrine and policies that relate especially to women, and the general responsibilities and work of the organizations that include the women and girls of the Church.

You can read a more in-depth summary of and quotes from his remarks on Church News.

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