President Uchtdorf Gives Rose and Sweetest Birthday Message to 102-Year-Old: "I Want to Be Just Like Her"


At 102 years old, Erma Rosenhan still works hard preparing family history names for temple work. Over the past century, Rosenhan has prepared more than 400,000 of her German ancestors' names, according to the Deseret News.

Because of her diligent work and uplifting spirit, Rosenhan received a special surprise on her birthday on March 1, 2017—a visit from President Uchtdorf, who brought her a rose. About this tender encounter, President Uchtdorf wrote on Facebook:

"Yesterday I attended the birthday party of 102-year-old Erma Rosenhan, a dear sister who served a mission in Germany two years before I was even born—and I’m 76 years old!
"I gave Sister Rosenhan a fresh rose because she reminds me of the freshness and beauty of a rose. She has a radiance of goodness about her. She is an example for us to stay positive, joyful, and hopeful at any time in our lives, at any age.
"Sister Rosenhan has seen so much in her life. She was born during World War I—so she has lived through two world wars and everything else in between. During her life she has done much to bless the lives of others—including completing family history and temple work for hundreds of thousands of her ancestors.
"Sister Rosenhan is an excellent example of someone who shows gratitude for all that she has—especially for life itself and for the gospel. I am amazed at her optimistic outlook. If I am ever privileged to live as long as Sister Rosenhan, I want to be just like her."

Image from Facebook
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