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President Uchtdorf Releases New Book with Never-Before-Told Story + Other Analogies of the Gospel and Airplanes


In a 2017 book titled The Gospel at 30,000 Feet, President Uchtdorf shares valuable gospel lessons he learned from flying airplanes thousands of feet above the earth. 

Known for his incredible airplane stories told in general conference, President Uchdorf answers his own question, "What does it have to do with flying an airplane?" in this extensive collection of airplane stories that beautifully tie into gospel principles. 

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Drawn from his addresses as an Apostle, this one-of-kind book is divided into five sections, each containing topics that relate to lessons President Uchtdorf has learned as a pilot and servant of the Lord such as "Weathering the Turbulence" and "Our Eternal Destination." 

Using a story he has never shared over the pulpit and insightful airplane analogies, President Uchtdorf's new book is one members have been waiting for since his first mention of airplanes in general conference.

"Our faith in Jesus Christ will provide power and a strong thrust; our unwavering and active hope will provide a powerful upward lift. Both faith and hope will carry us across oceans of temptations, over mountains of afflictions, and bring us safely back to our eternal home and destination," President Uchtdorf shares in his new book.

Blending personal experiences with gospel principles, President Uchtdorf's The Gospel at 30,000 Feet will help you as you strive to live the gospel in the world today. 

You can also listen to these stories come to life as President Uchtdorf personally narrates each incredible airplane analogy in The Gospel at 30,000 Feet audiobook available at Deseret Book and

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President Dieter F. Uchtdorf has earned a reputation among members of the Church for using his decades of experience as a pilot to draw gospel metaphors. He has even joked about the frequency of the phenomenon from the pulpit, once noting that a congregation may be asking, "What does this have to do with an airplane?" President Uchtdorf's ability to draw on real-life experience and share easily interpreted analogies has endeared him to Church members the world over.


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