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President Uchtdorf Shares Short, Powerful Message: Heavenly Father "Will Send His Angels Before You"


For those of you looking for a short pick-me-up, something to remind you to stand strong and smile even in your struggles, you need to read this message from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

On his Facebook page, President Uchtdorf shared this reminder that our Heavenly Father is always there, smiling, encouraging, lifting, and inspiring us to be better and doing all in His power to help us find happiness.

The Lord knows you. He knows your heart and is pleased with your sacrifice. He smiles upon you each day. He will uphold you and prepare the way for you. He will send His angels before you. You will feel their presence. And with the help of heaven, your talents will be multiplied.
I promise you that as you lift those around you, the Lord God, the Creator of the universe, will lift you up. If you will only believe and incline your heart to our Beloved Father, He will place within you a peace that surpasses understanding. He will give you joy. May each of you always remember this.

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