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President Uchtdorf Writes Moving Message to Those Who Serve in the Military


Many prophets and apostles have served their respective countries in the military, including President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, who served six years as a fighter pilot in the German Air Force.

Recently, President Uchtdorf visited a military installation in the United States, a visit which prompted him to write this moving message on Facebook:

I am often impressed by the incredible sacrifices I see many of you make for your friends, families, and nations all around the globe. I was reminded of this last weekend as Harriet and I visited with members of the Church at Fort Hood—a military installation in the United States.
During this visit, I learned that many of our military members are deployed multiple times to locations throughout the world. Despite the fear of the unknown and the pain of separation from loved ones that accompanies these assignments, those with whom I met spoke of how their faith in God provides a lifeline through these difficult trials. It is a sacred lifeline for those in the field and for the families at home.
Their lifelines are firmly tied to the Savior, His gospel, and the Church. Regardless of the difficult circumstances they face, these service men and women and their families at home are dedicated to the promises they have made to God and remain true to their eternal family responsibilities. My prayers are with the good men and women throughout the world—regardless of nationality—who bravely sacrifice and serve. My blessings go to them and their families at home.
Though many of us do not serve in the military, we can all feel a kinship with those who do. In essence, we are all travelers who find ourselves in difficult circumstances far away from our Heavenly home.
Just like those I met last weekend, if we will stay true to the promises we have made with God and continue to embrace our families and the Savior’s gospel, He will accompany us on our journey until we reach our Heavenly home.

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