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RM Jailed in Venezuela Faces a "Denial of Justice," According to Attorney


Josh Holt, an RM who was arrested on weapons charges, experienced another court delay that his attorney, Jeannette Prieto, called a "denial of justice." 

Riverton native Josh Holt attended court Tuesday in Caracas, Venezuela, but his hearing was pushed back yet again, this time until Dec. 6, his attorney said.

After two previous no-shows, the judge overseeing Holt's case was also present, but Holt's hearing was postponed anyway. No official explanation was given, said Holt's attorney, Jeannette Prieto.

"There is no justification as to why today’s court (hearing) did not happen. … We suppose this case is being managed on a political level, but I am a stranger … to that," Prieto told an NBC News crew.

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