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Salt Lake Temple renovation: Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions


Earlier this year, the Church announced that along with the seismic upgrades, more instruction rooms, additional sealing rooms, and a second baptistry will be added to the Salt Lake Temple during its renovation. When the temple reopens, there will no longer be a presentation of the endowment by live actors. There will also no longer be a temple cafeteria.

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With that announcement, the Church Newsroom also provided a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the changes to the Salt Lake Temple. See those questions and answers below:

Why will the temple no longer offer a live presentation endowment?

This decision allows for greater capacity and more temple ordinances, making it possible to hold more sessions each day. With this change, the temple will be able to offer endowment sessions in multiple languages, allowing those who speak a language other than English to have a more meaningful, uplifting, and sacred temple experience. Finally, this adjustment will help more members feel confident to serve as ordinance workers without the requirement for lengthy memorization.

How will this impact the number of sessions each day compared to prior to the renovation?

Prior to the temple’s closure, sessions took place each hour. With five instruction rooms operating after the temple is re-opened, this will provide the capacity to offer sessions approximately every 20–30 minutes, allowing members more flexibility in attending the temple.

How many instruction rooms and sealing rooms will there be, and what will be their capacity?

After the renovation is completed, the temple will have a total of five instruction rooms, each with a capacity for 150 people. There will be 23 sealing rooms (up from 13) with varying capacities of up to 75 people, making it possible to perform more marriages and better accommodate wedding guests.

Where will the baptistries be located?

Both baptistries will be located in the lower level of the new temple annex, north of the historic temple. The current location of the baptistry will make way for the two new instruction rooms.

Where will the instruction rooms be located?

Four instructions rooms will be located on the first floor of the temple, and the fifth will be on the second floor.

What will be in the temple annex north of the temple?

The new temple annex will house the support facilities needed for a greater capacity temple including a bigger chapel, larger marriage waiting area, two new baptistries, and additional dressing rooms.

How much time will this add to the project?

More information about a completion date will be provided as the project progresses.

How much will this increase overall capacity for the temple?

We anticipate the temple will be able to accommodate more than double the usual number of patrons.

Will General Authorities still have their meeting space in the temple with these new designs?


Does this impact other elements of the project, including the seismic upgrade?

The seismic upgrade, which is the principal purpose of the renovation, is proceeding as previously planned.

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