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See the Final Tally for the #LightTheWorld Giving Machines


The giving machines for the Church's #LightTheWorld campaign raised more than $2 million dollars over the holidays, according to a Facebook post from LDS Charities.

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In addition to the giving machine at Temple Square, the Church added four other machines in London, the Philippines, Arizona, and New York in 2018. Combined, the machines raised $2,309,276 for various charities. 

Thank you for helping #LightTheWorld through donations at the Giving Machines. Your generosity helped raise $2,309,276 for our local and international partners. Here's what that looks like: - 10,431 donations toward clothing and household needs - 20,358 donations toward livestock and other animals - 28,801 donations toward nutrition and meals - 9,277 donations toward education and recreation materials - 5,767 donations toward maternal and infant health

In 2017, the giving machine at Temple Square received more than 23,000 donations, including everything from eyeglasses to food to water filters. 

"I myself bought a goat,” Sister Sharon Eubank reported in the video about the 2017 donations. It's amazing to see the difference these giving machines have made as members have tried to #LightTheWorld. 

Lead image from LDS Charities

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