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Sister McConkie: Too Many Walk Away from Church Feeling Judged. We Need to Do Things Differently.


"I know people who come to church every Sunday so that they can be inspired and uplifted and who just simply walk away feeling judged and unloved—unneeded, like there is no place for them at church," Sister Carol F. McConkie, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, says at the start of a powerful Church video released as part of a series designed to reach those who feel they don't belong at Church

 "We need to do this differently."

One of the essential ways we can change how we approach others at church is to know the purpose behind coming to church in the first place. No one comes to church because they are perfect. We come to church because we need the help of the Savior and each other to become better.

"The gospel of Jesus Christ does not marginalize people. People marginalize people," Sister McConkie states. "If we are going to build the kingdom of God on earth, we need everyone to come."

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