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Sister Missionary Hospitalized in Romania


Stake president of the Pleasant Grove Manila Stake, President Scott Livingston, posted on the stake's Facebook page asking "for your faith and prayers on behalf of Sister Jacie Robinson of the Manila 5th Ward."

He continues, "She is currently in a hospital in Romania, unconscious. They believe she has encephalitis—a brain infection." Sister Robinson was hospitalized on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, and she was scheduled to return from her mission this week. "Doctors are doing all they can to help her to get better. Thank you for your support," President Livingston reported.

An update on Sister Robinson's condition shared on April 8th shares:

This was sent today from Sister Robinson’s mission mom to Jacie’s mom, Teri, currently on her way to Romania:
“I just saw Sora Robinson! She opened her eyes and maintained eye contact the whole time I talked to her. She squeezed my hand several times when I asked her to. She rubbed my hand with her thumb. She nodded when I asked her to and nodded when I asked her questions. When I told it was good she was moving her legs around, she moved her legs. I told her how much her family loves her and you were coming. I sang I am a child of God to her and she maintained eye contact the whole time. All great news!”

Since this news was shared on Facebook over the weekend, love, prayers, and uplifting messages have been pouring in from all over the world for Sister Robinson. On Facebook, Sister Robinson's mom, Teri, shared, "We are overwhelmed at the love and support we feel from all around the world. We probably won't be able to respond to all of your messages, but know that we are grateful for all of the faith and prayers in Jacie's behalf. We believe in and are praying for miracles. She was promised that angels would bear her up in her setting apart blessing, and we believe they are round about her right now. Thank you all so much!"

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