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Sister Eubank’s special challenge for sisters leading up to the 180th anniversary of Relief Society

Next month, the Relief Society will celebrate its 180th anniversary. Since it was established in 1842, the Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been centered around service, care, inspiration, and lifting others. At the Relief Society Sesquicentennial in 1992, Sister Sheri Dew, former second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, said, “Regardless of time or place, Relief Society has meant sisters lifting one another spiritually, loving and taking care of one another, and absorbing insight and inspiration from other women headed in the same direction.”

Sister Sharon Eubank, who currently holds the unique position of both first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency and Latter-day Saint Charities president, shared a special invitation for Relief Society sisters over the next 30 days leading up to the 180th anniversary.

She posted on her Facebook page, “In the next 30 days, my invitation to you is to:

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Invite one friend to register on
  3. During the next 30 days, find a project in your community on and complete it with someone you love.”

She also encouraged followers to use the #JustServe hashtag and post about their projects and see what others are doing to provide service in their communities.

“It may not always succeed on every front,” Sister Eubank writes, “but the potential of Relief Society is so huge that even the idea of a space like this existing for women everywhere makes me happy. WE are Relief Society, and we can be a powerful force for change in the world.”

You can read her full Facebook post below.

Sister Eubank’s fellow presidency members, President Jean B. Bingham and Sister Reyna I. Aburto echoed Sister Eubank’s message and also encouraged a month devoted to service.

“Sister Sharon Eubank's post reminds me that Relief Society sisters have enormous potential to do good in the world,” Sister Aburto wrote.

Many Relief Society sisters all over the world have already started their celebrations with service projects of their own.

Penney Miller wrote on Facebook, “I love your thoughts on why Relief Society is so valuable to you. After reading your reasons, I too realized it is a place where people care about me and a place that I can bring Jesus Christ into my real life. I LOVE #JustServe and can't wait to get out and serve in my community with my family and friends!”

And Rachelle Chapman commented, “This is the absolute best way to celebrate!!”

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