Latter-day Saint Life

Six Ways to Build Confidence in Your Divine Identity

God Needs a Powerful People. But so many of us (myself included) shrink with feelings of insecurity. I know I can do more good when I stop beating myself up, but how?

Again from Kate’s mother: “Kate was born with her gift. But I think each one of us can seek out our Heavenly Father and learn of His love for us. If we feel loved, if we can stop trying to prove our worth, we can extend that love to other people.”

OK, step 1. Seek out our Father in Heaven and learn of His love. It’s that simple. If we can truly understand God’s love for each of us we will be able to extend it to each of his children. I’m not always so great at feeling God’s love– which is kind of embarrassing to admit publicly– so let’s talk about some more ideas (and I hope you’ll add more in the comments.

2. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

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