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Sony Calls Alex Boye's New Music Video Featuring a Camel "Epic," "You Have to Watch"


Filmed in a sandy, barren landscape, Alex Boyé's cover of "Location" by Khalid is a music video with a unique flare, but it was not easy to film.

Boyé wrote on his YouTube page that sand was blowing everywhere, including his eyes, and a huge gust even knocked him off the camel, Cosmo, used in the video.

"I was more of a diva than the Cosmo was!" Boyé wrote, giving a shout out to Cosmo who stayed calm throughout the whole ordeal.

But both Boyé's and Cosmo's hard work paid off, as Sony Music Global retweeted the video and praised Boyé for his incredible performance.

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Khalid - Location - Alex Boye' (Africanized "Beatbox" Love Song Cover)

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Alex's heart-and-soul voice and engaging personality can move any listener, but it's his deeply rooted belief in who he really sings for that makes him more than just another entertainer. His inspiration comes from the Lord and his only purpose is to have the Spirit there when he sings.


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