Study with S. Michael Wilcox for LDS Living's September Book Club Pick: 'What Seek Ye?'


Last month, listeners of the All In podcast heard from S. Michael Wilcox about his latest book, What Seek Ye? How the Questions of Jesus Lead Us to Him and what Wilcox has learned since the loss of his beloved wife, Laurie.

“One of the questions I really love about Jesus is, ‘What shall I say?’ I mean, I love a lot of His questions, but that one really hits me. He said, ‘Now is my hour come. What shall I say, Father? Save me from this hour. But for this cause came on to this hour.’ That's true of all of us. When we come to our hour, our moment of pain, trial, whatever, we all might say, ‘Father, save me from this hour.’ I cried that. ‘Save us from this hour, Lord.’ But we came to earth for these hours. We came to learn. We came to experience. And we have to trust that He’s going to know when to save and when not to save. Jesus Himself cried out in Gethsemane, ‘Save me from this hour.’ But He trusted God. There’ll be a happy ending. There’ll be only happy endings for all of us. We’re all going to get it. I’m going to get my happy ending. I still wrestle with fear, but in my best times, as I sit here talking to you, I will have that happy ending. It’s going to come, because we believe in a God of happy endings.”

This insightful and optimistic perspective is what the LDS Living Book Club is bringing to you this month, with special giveaways and videos from our host, artist Kate Lee, throughout the entire month of September!

Kate Lee's beautiful painting Rejoice in Christ is featured on the cover of Wilcox’s new book.

What This Month Holds

  • • eBook giveaway on Tuesday, September 1.
  • • Weekly videos with insights from artist Kate Lee every Friday starting September 10.
  • • An interview with author S. Michael Wilcox by Kate Lee on September 22.
  • • Behind-the-scenes details from Kate Lee about Rejoice in Christ and her artistic process.

About LDS Living Book Club

Each month we choose a new book to read together. Joining is easy! Simply follow @ldslivingbookclub on Instagram for reading reminders and details about our live Q&A with the author.

About the Book

We often think of our relationship with God in terms of us being the questioner approaching the great Answerer. But what if He is actually the great Questioner, and we are intended to wrestle—not to receive the answers from Him, but to give them? Best-selling author S. Michael Wilcox teaches, “How we answer those questions tells our Father in Heaven much about us, as well as revealing ourselves to ourselves.” Over time, Wilcox has also learned, “If I am the Answerer and God the Questioner and I can answer His questions with thought and devotion, then my own inquiries to Him are significantly diminished.” As you explore these short yet profound questions, you’ll learn more about the Savior and more about yourself, discovering personal answers along the way. What Seek Ye? is available now at

About the Host

Artist Kate Lee captures stories from the scriptures and depictions of Christ using a minimalistic style that lets raw, unfiltered emotion seep through. You can’t help but feel moved when looking at her rendition of Christ praying in Gethsemane, the woman who was healed when touching the hem of the Savior’s clothing, or the depiction of Christ magnifying the light of one of His children. Kate’s uplifting optimism and humble appreciation for her Savior shines through each creation. Kate’s artwork is available in framed pieces, figurines, and prints at

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