S. Michael Wilcox

March 16, 2022 07:55 AM MDT
The most common inquiry I receive from members of the Church is, “How do I get answers to my prayers?” The next most common is, “How can I know I have been forgiven?”
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July 26, 2021 08:38 AM MDT
S. Michael Wilcox has one memory of his father prior to his parents’ divorce: he is very young and sits atop his father’s shoulder in an amusement park.
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September 28, 2020 12:00 PM MDT
The September pick for LDS Living Book Club is What Seek Ye? by S. Michael Wilcox. Follow the LDS Living Book Club Instagram for more insights with the author.
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August 31, 2020 10:00 PM MDT
Last month, listeners of the All In podcast heard from S. Michael Wilcox about his latest book, What Seek Ye? How the Questions of Jesus Lead Us to Him and what Wilcox has learned since the loss of his beloved wife, Laurie.
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August 24, 2020 12:00 PM MDT
First and last words have always intrigued me. Their positioning adds a dimension of importance. The first and last words of Jesus in the Gospel of John are questions—very relevant questions for us all, very simple questions, which is wonderful to me. Let’s look at Jesus’s first three words. John the Baptist was standing with John the Beloved and Andrew by the Jordan River just north of the Dead Sea when Jesus walked by, drawing from the Baptist the words, “Behold the Lamb of God! And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye?” (John 1:36–38; emphasis added).
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