Taking the first steps to trusting God

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Trust is a five-letter word that feels like it takes a lifetime to master. We can’t always see what’s coming next in our lives, and that can be a scary feeling! But the Lord asks us to trust in Him and lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). When we learn to trust in our Savior, we can feel peace working in our lives. So what are the steps we can take to get there?

If you feel alone on this path to peace, just know that the Magnify Community is right there with you! In fact, when we asked our community what they are craving most in this life, there was an overwhelming response of peace. Peace comes when we trust God, and Barbara Morgan Gardner stopped by the Magnify podcast this week to share her experience and what steps she has had to take to lean on God and trust Him and His promises.

Take the Risk
What does this mean? According to Barbara, “I had to have a desire to risk my will vs. God’s will.” She spent a lot of time asking herself if she was really willing to experiment on the Lord’s word, as it says in the Book of Mormon. There is a time when we have to let go of our own wills and let God take control of our lives.

Remember What You Know
Barbara recalled a time when she really felt like she couldn’t see around the next corner. Her mother had passed away, her father had been diagnosed with cancer, her boyfriend had dumped her, and she was moving to a new place to teach institute and seminary. “It might sound silly, but I didn’t even feel like God loved me. There was a point where I asked myself, ‘Is there even a God who cares about me?’ when I was going through this time.” But she called back to all the things she knew were true. "Do I know there is a god? Yes. Do I believe in God? Yes. How do I believe in Him? What experiences have led me there?" When she practiced this exercise, she saw all the tender mercies of the Lord leading her to go forward.

Put in the Effort
This can be one of the hardest principles for us to put into practice. Barbara acknowledged this, stating, “I could have easily said, ‘This is too hard,’ and I wanted to.” But she remembered all the different accounts in the scriptures of people who had to experience tough trials; most importantly the Savior Himself. “God didn’t have Moses climb halfway up the mountain. He met him at the top,” recalled Barbara. When we put in the effort, even just the smallest fraction of action we can muster, the Lord proves time and time again that we can trust Him. He will not stop proving Himself.

To hear Barbara’s full episode and insights, listen to The Magnify Podcast!

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