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The 9 Funniest Mormon Moments of 2016


The year 2016 has seen many exciting changes in the Church—from the dedication of the 150th temple to changes in missionary dress standards and the First Presidency commenting on the presidential election to major changes in temple and family history work.

Amidst these important moments, we've also created quite a few memories and shared some laughs. Here are our favorite funny Mormon moments from this past year, straight from LDS Living.

The New Primary Presidency's Priceless Response After Seeing Themselves as Power Rangers

After the First Presidency announced a new Primary general presidency in April's general conference, a photo was released of Sisters Joy D. Jones, Jean B. Bingham, and Bonnie H. Cordon wearing bright primary colors.

This picture had an uncanny resemblance to classic superheroes children who grew up in the '90s would recognize all too well:

While this Tweet in and of itself had the makings to go viral, the most unexpected and priceless part of this story is how the Primary general presidency responded to it.

It looks like we might have a few Power Ranger lovers among the women leaders of the Church!

Mormon Missionaries Sing Adele's "Hello" in This Hilarious Parody

How do two 19-year-old missionaries from Provo, Utah, feel when out trying to share the gospel day after day? Well, the YouTube group Joseph & Smith, composed of Marcus Joseph and Korey Smith, seem to capture it perfectly in this missionary parody of Adele's hit song, "Hello."

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Adele - Hello (Missionary Parody)

LDS 4-Year-Old Shocks Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres with Unusual Skill

All-star Titus Ashby has been a YouTube sensation since he was 2-years-old. It was at that age that he took on Shaquille O'Neal on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But Titus'fame and talent keep growing. Earlier this year, he was featured on a new show hosted by Steve Harvey, Little Big Shots, an event so epic, even Ellen DeGeneres had to share it. Check it out!

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This Little Big Shot Shoots and Scores

People You Might Confuse Missionaries with Now That They Can Wear Sunglasses

Well-dressed young men and women who learn foreign languages and travel the world—it sounds like something out of a James Bond movie, but it's actually quite common in our Church.

And when the Church changed the dress and grooming guidelines for missionaries in May, allowing missionaries to wear sunglasses, they fit the James Bond description better than ever.

Here are just a few people you might confuse the missionaries with when they wear their shades. (Checkout more here.)

The Men in Black

Amen to that!


Depending on where you're serving, you can pass for basically any secretive government organization. We've all got the same stylish dress code. But don't try this at home or on the mission!

A Model from GQ

Front cover here we come!

Tony Stark

And remember, heroes aren't born—they're built.

Anyone from Top Gun

Just aced my first missionary discussion—in another language!

Hello, aviators. Where have you been all my life?

Napoleon Dynamite Stars Reunite in Hilarious Tater Tot Ad

Playing off the awkward yet endearing tater tot scene in Napoleon Dynamite, Burger King released a new ad in November that is something every fan of the cult classic film is gonna love.

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And for all those Napoleon fans out there, stay true!

Mormons Own "Mormon Mafia" Like Nobody's Business with Hilarious Hashtag

Myths about a Mormon mafia in the FBIhave circulated for some time, mostly based on the fact that Mormons make great recruits and have a higher representation in intelligence agencies.

But Lou Dobbs, host of Fox Business Network's Lou Dobbs Tonight, spread the term "Mormon mafia" to politics when he sent out an angry Tweet about Evan McMullin that Mormons ironically turned into Twitter's best new hashtag—at least according to the Huffington Post.

Here's just a taste of some the best #MormonMafia tweets:

LDS Actress Hilariously Shows What Motherhood Is Really Like in Viral Ad

From the creative minds of the incredibly viral Squatty Potty pooping unicorncommercial (that now has garnered almost 28 million views on YouTube) comes a new ad that shows what a day in the life of a mother really looks like.

This viral ad received nearly 500,000 views on Facebook in less than a day. In it, you might notice LDS actress Lisa Valentine Clark (Once I Was a Beehive) and young LDS actor Kimball Stinger (Cokeville Miracle).

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Awkward Romney and Trump Photo Sparks Hilarious Reaction on Social Media

While news outlets across the country were concerned with who President-elect Donald Trump would appoint to the secretary of state position after his and Mitt Romney's dinner, social media users seem more preoccupied with the awkwardness captured by photos of the event. 

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Take just a few moments to enjoy a little laugh as you read these hilarious tweets about Romney and Trump's meeting:

Hilarious "Inside Out" Parody Shows What It's Like Inside an LDS Guy's Head on a Date

This year, the men in the 26th Ward in Provo, Utah, did something unexpected to show the girls in their ward that they appreciate them: they created an ingenious Disney parody. What better combination is out there than Disney, gospel truths, and sincere compliments to win over a girl's heart?

The video pulls inspiration from Inside Out and shows the competing emotions going on inside a guy's head when asking and taking a girl on a date. 

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Inside Out Parody - Dating in the Provo YSA 26th Ward
Video originally found on LDS Daily.
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