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7 songs to help make Easter feel as magical as Christmas in your home

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Here are some of the powerful, Christ-centered hymns we’re playing on repeat this spring.
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“Easter music” as a genre doesn’t have the same general appeal as “Christmas music” does. But like Elder Gary E. Stevenson quoted in his general conference talk last April, “Take Christmas away, and in biblical terms, you lose two chapters at the front of Matthew and Luke, nothing else. Take Easter away, and you don’t have a New Testament; you don’t have a Christianity.” And we believe that inspiring, beautiful music is one of the most powerful ways to invite the Spirit into your home and help center your family’s Easter celebrations on the Savior.

So here are some of the powerful, Christ-centered hymns we’re playing on repeat this spring.

“Worthy Is The Lamb” by Nathan Pacheco

The full-length album Abide with Me by Nathan Pacheco is available now at Deseret Book.

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“Flesh and Bone” by Emma Nissen

You can listen to Emma Nissen’s music on her YouTube channel or streaming platforms like Spotify.

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“I Stand All Amazed” by Simply Three

Simply Three’s first sacred album, All Amazed, is available now at Deseret Book stores and

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“Consider the Lilies” by The Tonga Sisters

You can get the Tonga Sisters’ album I Believe at Deseret Book.

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“Better Than I Am” by Adassa

Adassa’s EP In Jesus We Are One can be purchased here.

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Handel’s Messiah performed by The Tabernacle Choir

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“How Great Thou Art” by Cinematic Hymns

You can listen to the entire album of cinematic hymns on Spotify here.

Bonus: The full Lamb of God concert recording

With 25 tracks, this gorgeous oratorio from composer Rob Gardner recounts the last week of the life of Jesus Christ and has been compared in quality to Handel’s Messiah and Mozart’s Requiem. It’s a musical masterpiece and has become a beloved listening tradition for families the world over. You can listen to the entire oratorio in the player below and stream the live concert film now through Deseret Video.

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You can listen to all these beautiful Easter tracks back to back in the Spotify player below.

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